Aesthetic Treatments

Hair & Scalp Treatment

A nourishing scalp treatment involving a head massage and the application of a rich cream to deep condition the hair.

Good for circulation, restores moisture levels, reinforces hair fibers, against breakage.

5 days US$ 500
Manicure & Pedicure

Deep cleansing treatments for the fingernails and toenails through a massage, scrub, mask, cutting, cuticle trimming and the application of color.

Refreshes and relaxes the hands and feet, cleans the nails and adds color to makethem look attractive.

5 days US$ 500


A form of semi-permanent hair removal using wax to pull the hair from the root and prevent regrowth.

Removes excess and unattractive hair from the body, leaves skinsilky and smooth.

5 days US$ 450